Q: Is PrintStar cross platform?
A: Yes, PrintStar works on Macs and PCs.

Q: Is PrintStar customizable?
A: Absolutely. We can customize the software to meet any particular needs you may have. Customization services can be provided on an hourly or project basis.

Q: How many users can PrintStar accommodate?
A: 3 to 250.

Q: How is it licensed and sold?
A: Based on the number of computers needing access plus a server license. If you have 5 computers you would need 5 licenses plus the server license.

Q: What modules come with PrintStar?
A: They ALL do.

Q: What options does PrintStar offer?
A: We currently offer 3 Options:
     1) Web Module - Allows your customers to check their job status, review proofs online and track their shipments. Customers can also reorder jobs, request & review estimates and manage their finished goods inventory.
     2) Freight Link - Integrated shipping with UPS, FedEx or DHL.
     3) Barcode Scanners - Easily allow your staff and shop floor production to update job status and do real time data collection.
     4) Time Clock & Shop Floor Data Collection- Track employees time for payroll and time & materials on jobs for job costing.
     5) Finished Goods- Track, bill & ship fulfillment (your customers finished goods inventory).
     6) Wide Format - Estimating and Job Ticketing
     7) Web Presses - Estimating and Job Ticketing

Q: Does PrintStar work with Quickbooks?
A: Yes, we have a direct link with Quickbooks. You can post your Invoices and Vendor Bills directly from PrintStar and more.

Q: What kind of support do you offer?
A: Unlimited annual support Mon-Fri is provided for a fee with all packages. Support is available via phone, web and email.
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